Powerful words that define Prosport Competition and many, many other crews around them around the world of motorsport

Thursday, November 03, 2022


Taken from the team's Facebook account - an account that contains strong language!


Most never understand the volume of commitment this sport takes.. and when I say "takes" I don't mean guts... effort... money... time.. or whatever else you think it "takes" to quantify the effort to win...

I can tell you it takes... time from loved ones... it takes fucking heeps of effort, drive and motivation... it takes constant shuffling of money... mental and physical pain... talent and all that will redefine any person who dares to truly become part of this sport.

We are here to offer entertainment, dedication, community...and at best, family... and as well the sense of a winning spirit every competive person has buried deep with in their soul..

We.. those that choose this... are givers and creators... sometimes the good.. most often the ugly...sometimes bad... but always building for the better race.. the finish.. as well the podium.

It's not gentle nor kind... it's fucking hard.. and we do it because the doing of the sport is only half the battle. The other half is the mental fortitude to continue... today.. every day... the next lap... the next pit stop... all the nuts .. all the bolts... the good or damnation of never giving up.

After a weekend of bumps and bruises... that showed their head as flat trailer tires... stolen hitches from trucks... flat spotted tires and bad radiator caps.. and not to mention a dead clutch on our glorious Sabine... we won't stop... we won't give up.. we won't question...

We WILL continue.. we will strive and God damn sure show up for our team mates every lap.... every stop...

It's because it IS who we are...


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