Gentle Swiss Racing for the Eurovision Song Contest

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Only two rounds on the north loop, but 15 pit stops. Impossible? No, but unusually. Exactly these were this year's test journeys and set journeys for us. This time it wasn't about finding the best chassis set-up or the optimum brake balance. This time it was even more about picture full shot and close-ups.

Just two weeks ago we received a phone call of the TV-production company Brainpool from Stefan Raab if we would like to make a film for the Eurovision Song Contest representing Switzerland!? Of course we felt like it, even if, actually, no notion what was meant. And directly the explanation followed.

The Eurovision Song Contest is located in Germany in Düsseldorf this year. All 43 participant countries are introduced in a 45-second clip at a special place in Germany. The contribution of Switzerland and their participant is about our team! We are not just feeling great, but also honoured that the choice fell on us. Thus it came that the last Saturday stood completely in the sign of the cameras. For example, the boxing mastheads were immediately turned from several perspectives. From the T3 viewer place, from the roof of the boxing lane and only ten centimetres of the hands of the mechanics. Of course cameras were also positioned on the track and filmed our Aston Martin while driving past.

An absolute climax was the journey behind the camera car. After ending of the official test journeys we were able stay on the track on chase the camera car. With security belts secured, the cameraman filmed a complete round out of the open boot of a van and was inspired: „Incredible pictures, I would never have thought that they will be so stunning“. Luckily even the weather joined in and it was not only an exciting, but extremely pleasant Saturday.

The result is sent for the first time at the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the 10th of May directly before the show of the Swiss artist Anna Rossinelli. The show is transmitted live on SF1 and Pro7. The transference begins at 21.00 o'clock and is presented by Stefan Raab, Anke Engelke and Judith Rakers. At the moment Anna Rossinelli is under the top twenty what would mean that she will be in the finale on Saturday for which we keep of course the fingers crossed, because then our film would be shown again.

Oh yeah, so much time must be – set-up and brake performance were excellent, also with only two rounds.

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